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Motherboard BIOS Update Service

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Updating your Motherboard's BIOS to the latest version can enhance hardware compatibility (such as supporting new CPU's like AMD Ryzen 5000 series on selected AM4 boards), optimise performance (enable new features and functionality) and fix bugs (improve system stability).


Some AM4 Motherboards may require up to three consecutive BIOS updates to enable Ryzen 5000 CPU support (where compatible). First BIOS update enables Zen+, second BIOS update enables Zen2 and the third BIOS update enables Zen3 CPU support.


* Simply deliver your system to us and we'll provide our professional service

* Once we're finished, we'll contact you to pick up your system from us

* We're based in Clovelly Park SA 5042 (15 mins from Adelaide CBD)


Our Professional Service includes:

- Update Motherboard BIOS to latest version (using our own CPU)

- Optimise BIOS Settings (includes enable Fast Boot and XMP Profile)

- Remove and Refit CPU Cooler (where required)

- Fresh Thermal Paste applied to new CPU (where required)


Please NoteThere is always a small chance that the Motherboard BIOS update process can FAIL (bricking the Motherboard and making it unusable) and this cannot be anticipated in advance. If you choose to proceed with our 'Motherboard BIOS Update Service', this is done so at YOUR OWN RISK. JDM PC Sales Australia will NOT be held liable for failed BIOS updates.


Please contact us first via Email info@jdmpcsales.com.au or Messenger m.me/jdmpcsales to discuss the assistance you require.