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Custom Gaming PC Build

Regular price $240.00

At JDM PC Gaming we specialise in pre-owned computer hardware and offer our own range of Pre-Built Custom Gaming PC’s for sale which consist of current and previous generation components to offer our customers great ‘price to performance’ and aesthetics for a variety of different budgets.


But what if you want the latest new hardware in your next Gaming PC? If you are based in Adelaide, we have you covered! Visit


We offer an unbiased, professional service whether your budget is $1500 or $3500 – we will build your next Gaming PC for a flat fee of $240 (BYO computer parts).


Why is our service unbiased? It’s simple – as we have no financial investment in the choice of parts that make up your new PC, you will have peace of mind knowing we selected the most suitable components for your system based on your requirements, budget and personal taste.


Want to see us in action? Here is a custom Gaming PC we built for a customer of ours! (YouTube)


* Your new PC will be built to YOUR requirements (excludes custom water loops)

* We will recommend Retailers that specialise in NEW products (at competitive prices)

* BYO Computer Hardware (new items only, must be sealed in box)

* 2-3 Days Build Time (includes Build, OS / Drivers / Updates / Software install, Testing)

* We are based only 15 mins from the City (Clovelly Park SA 5042, near Castle Plaza)

* We offer this Professional Service for Local customers only (Adelaide, South Australia)


Our Process is Simple:

Step #01 - Please contact us first via (Messenger) or (Instagram)

Step #02 - Notify us of your Budget, Performance and Aesthetic requirements and we will provide our personalised recommendation

Step #03 - Once you are happy with your selection, please purchase these products from your preferred Retailer (we will recommend some)

Step #04 - When you receive your shipment simply contact us to arrange a day / time to personally deliver your PC Parts to us

Step #05 - Please pay our service fee here so we can commence building your Gaming PC

Step #06 - We will remain in contact with you throughout the process (including progress photos) and notify you when your PC is ready