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Motherboard BIOS Update Service

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Here are some common reasons why Motherboard BIOS updates are performed:

- New CPU Support (such as a newer AMD Ryzen CPU) on a compatible AM4 Motherboard

- Enable Resizable BAR technology on compatible Motherboards for RTX 3000 Graphics Cards

- Enhance Memory Compatibility for DDR4 RAM Kits and Modules

- Enable New Features or Optimise System Performance

- Improve System Stability and Fix Known Bugs


* Simply deliver your new CPU, Motherboard and RAM to us and we will perform a BIOS update

* We typically need 1 hour to complete this process and will contact you once we are finished


Our Professional Service includes:

- Updating your Motherboard BIOS to latest version (using our CPUs)

- Optimise BIOS Settings for CPU, RAM, GPU and OS (where applicable)

- Remove and Refit CPU Cooler (where required)

- Fresh Thermal Paste applied to new CPU (where required)


Please Note: There is always a small chance that the Motherboard BIOS update process can FAIL (bricking the Motherboard and making it unusable) and this cannot be anticipated in advance. If you choose to proceed with our 'Motherboard BIOS Update Service', this is done so at YOUR OWN RISK. JDM PC Sales Australia will NOT be held liable for failed BIOS updates.


Please contact us first via email info@jdmpcsales.com.au to discuss the assistance you require.