We Buy & Sell used Gaming PC Parts Australia wide! $15 Flat-Rate Shipping + 30 Days Warranty!

FAQ's for Marketplaces

“Is this still available? What’s your best price? …I have Cash”

  • Yes 🙃
  • The price advertised 👍
  • NO CASH thanks! All purchases via our online store jdmpcsales.com.au


“What’s your address, I’ll come past *now* and pick this up”

Clovelly Park 5042. Once you make a purchase, we will text you to arrange a day/time for pickup. All order pickups are by appointment only. We can usually offer same day pickup; it just depends on how early you place your order and if we’re available that day 🙂


“Are these items used?”

They sure are! That’s exactly what we specialise in… pre-owned Custom Gaming PC’s and Parts 👌


“Do your used Computers / Parts come with warranty?”

Yes, we offer 30 Days Warranty. All used items have been cleaned and tested prior to sale.


“How old is this item?”

You’re welcome to Google the *product name* + “launch date” to find out – but this info often isn’t useful when buying used computer hardware… what DOES matter is the *Price to Performance* ratio offered. Please let us know the Apps or Games you’re wanting to run and we’ll confirm whether they’re compatible and how well they will work 😎


“Why are you selling this item?”

To move stock > enable cash flow > achieve a profit > reinvest into business > cover expenses > purchase more stock > rinse and repeat 😅


“How many FPS will this get?”

The quickest way to find out is to YouTube the Game name + Graphics Card model eg: “Modern Warfare GTX 970” for a rough idea. Most importantly which Resolution will you be playing at (based on your monitor) …will it be 720p (1280 x 720), 1080p (1920 x 1080) or 1440p (2560 x 1440) and which in-game quality setting will you be using? Low, Medium, High or Ultra? All this (plus much more) determines the FPS you will get.


“Does this item come with ________ as well?

No. Unless it’s written in the ad, it’s not included. We do sell Monitors, Peripherals, WiFi USB, etc separately.


“Why can’t I just pay with CASH?”

Because we operate a Cashless Business. This should be easy to understand in 2020, especially since COVID-19.

Not only can cash spread disease, there’s also the risk of counterfeit notes which we’re not a fan of 😮


“Can’t I just pay for this when I get there?”

No. For both our peace of mind, we only deal with customers who have registered an account, purchased and paid for items upfront.

This is the safest and most efficient way for us to transact 🔒


“But what if I want to pay via card in person?”

Sorry but we don’t have EFTPOS facilities onsite to accept physical debit or credit cards.

Our online store www.jdmpcsales.com.au already offers our customers PayPal, VISA and MC payment options 🛒


“Why do I need to register a customer account?”

This allows us to contact you for any follow-up questions related to your order and enables quicker transactions in the future.

Most importantly this enables shipping tracking and the ability to view your order history and reprint or email past invoices.


“Can’t you make any exceptions?”

Unfortunately, no. We’re a small business and have a process in place that works for us.

At the end of the day, our customers who appreciate what we do and want to support us happily purchase from us 😊